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Jordan Zumwalt has leg wrapped in ice, but played outside with Jarvis Jones inside Monday

The Steelers are looking to put some pep in their pass rush this season. Perhaps moving Jarvis Jones around a bit, like they did Monday, would help that effort.

Joe Sargent

That's the bad news. The good news is Zumwalt saw time at outside linebacker with Steelers starting OLB Jarvis Jones making moves from the inside.

We wrote last year that Jones, while clearly a long-term outside linebacker, showed great instincts from the inside last year (where he intercepted a pass on a deflection in the team's preseason game against Kansas City). The notion of moving players around to different spots when in pads shows the team's willingness to be creative and exploratory when scheming up ways to put its players in a position to get pressure.

The team needs it.

Clearly, Jones shouldn't expect to play inside linebacker often, and Zumwalt isn't expected to see considerable snaps this season, but the real vision is flipping Lawrence Timmons and Jones around on a play or two, mixing up rush patterns, and perhaps draw attention away from a side of the field that could include Jason Worilds and Cameron Heyward.

It's all about options, and perhaps this is one of many options the Steelers plan to explore in 2014.