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Steelers long snapper Greg Warren may have 'significant' leg injury

There's only one other long snapper on the roster. It may be time to buy stock in Bryce Davis, a rookie back-up tight end who was brought in as a lead horse to help pace the veteran Warren.


The team's first dual-squad practice session didn't come without its losses.

Steelers long-snapper Greg Warren suffered a "potentially serious" knee injury Wednesday as the Steelers practiced against the Buffalo Bills at St Vincent College in Latrobe. The Steelers only have one other long-snapper on the roster, undrafted free agent Bryce Davis.

Warren suffered a torn ACL in a regular season game against the New York Giants in 2008. Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison entered as the emergency snapper, blew two snaps, one of which led to a safety. The Steelers lost the game and lost Warren for the year. After picking up Jared Retofsky, the team would end up winning the Super Bowl, likely directly due to Retofsky's contributions.

Comedy aside, the value of a long snapper only is considered when there is none. It takes one bad snap to lead to a momentum-changing play that could lead to a loss.

That was obvious in 2008 vs. the Giants. Harrison was the Defensive Player of the Year that season, and he certainly was not the Special Teams Player of the Year.