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Twitter reaction to Cam Thomas signing

The Steelers signed a utility defensive lineman Friday when they nabbed ex-Chargers DL Cam Thomas in free agency. The reaction was fairly mixed, which describes a lot of the player wearing his jersey in game tape this season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The natural thought is new Steelers defensive lineman Cam Thomas is a nose tackle, likely because he's roughly the size of a Volkswagon. He's likely more of a dual-position back-up, but judging by how San Diego used him, he could get on the field in those dual roles for a reasonably hefty workload.

Even Labriola sees him as a back-up, and actually went out of his way to explicitly equate Thomas' skillset with Al Woods'. But which is Thomas more of, an end or a nose tackle? Or maybe more importantly, which is more in need in Pittsburgh? Steve McLendon's skill is interior pass rush, and only a cursory level overview of Thomas is needed to see he's a beast off the snap. It didn't really seem like he was in the greatest physical condition, perhaps that's part of the issue.

Not entirely sure if the most telling aspect of Thomas being, in order, his size, his personality and his nickname is a good thing. Seems more like what some kind of fetish pervert would want to read in a potential date.

That's a little more like it. No nicknames. "Steve McLendon" is rife with opportunities for nicknames, he didn't get one (unless we count "McClendon" as a nickname). Casey Hampton didn't go by Big Snack publicly for a while.

Let's just go with this for now.