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Where in the U.S.A. is Emmanuel Sanders?

Steelers receiver takes his fourth free agency trip, going from Kansas City to San Francisco after apparently not reaching a deal with the Chiefs Friday.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco will be the fourth team Emmanuel Sanders will visit in his tour of free agency. After that meeting, expect the announcement of a fifth visit, because Southwest Airlines is offering a Buy Five, Get the Sixth Free deal right now.

The real question is what exactly Sanders is looking for, what he's being offered and how far apart those gaps are. His statistics show him to be, perhaps generously, between Golden Tate and Eric Decker, who received $13.25 million and $15 million, respectively, in guaranteed money.

Sanders isn't in a position to demand more than that - or at least he isn't if he expects someone to jump at the deal.

He previously visited with Kansas City, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. Geographically, a stop in Arizona would make sense, with even more sense being added when you remember he played with the Steelers.

Seattle is just a tick north from San Francisco, perhaps they'll be the next target.