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Alex Carrington reportedly has good visit Steelers

Ian Rapoport has tweeted that the meeting between the Steelers and defensive end Alex Carrington that took place today went well, and both sides will continue to talk.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Per Ian Rapoport, the meeting between defensive end Alex Carrington and the Steelers was a good one today.

Admittedly Rapoport is not the must trusted source with Pittsburgh Steelers fans, and found himself on the end of unfavourable publicity yesterday when Brandown Browner's agent called him out for "irresponsible journalism".

However in this case, since it is good news, he can receive the benefit of the doubt.

If  Carrington indeed passed his physical, that will assuage any doubts about his recovery from a season ending quadriceps injury he suffered with the Bills during the course of last season.

After signing Nose Tackle Cam Thomas today, the Steelers will be looking to continue to add depth along the defensive line and Carrington could well prove be a valuable addition to the Steelers roster. Click here to read a very brief run down of the defensive end by Neal Coolong.

For now, it seems the Steelers and Carrington will continue to talk about a potential contract.