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Jerricho Cotchery Cruising for Steelers

O-R writer Dale Lolley pinpointed what he thinks is the main reason Jerricho Cotchery hasn't signed a contract for the 2013 season anywhere. He has been on the Steelers fan cruise over the last few days.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Observer-Reporter writer Dale Lolley has it figured out.

Jerricho Cotchery hasn't signed yet because he just got back from the Steelers Cruise. Posing a brilliant strategy, Lolley suggests the Steelers send their pending free agents on a cruise in the middle of free agency.

This has legs, Dale. Good call.

As for Cotchery, clearly, involvement with the team in a public relations manner while he's technically not on the team definitely speaks well to their chances to get a deal done. At the same time, Cotchery should now insist on a $20,000 bonus for his work on the cruise - $100 for every time he was asked if he was signing with the team.

And $200 each time someone mistook him for Antonio Brown. This might be cheaper for the Steelers to just sign him and not make him go on the cruise at all.

The cruise did end, though, and Cotchery should be back among us landlubbers. Perhaps some action is soon to follow.