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A third report confirms Sanders deal with Denver will happen, may be short-term

FoxSports1 reporter Alex Marvez confirms Sanders has a deal in place with the Broncos. The question now is how long is it, and for how much?


UPDATE: Sanders allegedly had a deal in place with the Chiefs, and his agent, Steve Weinberg, is the subject of multiple complaints, writes BTSC's PaVaSteeler

Original story:

FoxSports1 senior NFL reporter Alex Marvez confirmed Adam Schefter's initial report that Emmanuel Sanders agreed to terms on a deal with the Denver Broncos. This paints a bit clearer of a picture - likely Denver got a hold of Sanders at some point Saturday, while he was heading back to Kansas City - where it was reported he stayed Saturday night, perhaps with a plan to visit with the team Sunday.

He agreed verbally to terms with the Broncos and has plans to head to Denver ("the sunshine state!") to sign his contract today.

So what would inspire Sanders, a player who's been linked to half the NFL during this free agency period, to agree to a contract sight unseen with the Broncos? Perhaps speculation of his injury history really did affect his free agency stock, and Denver gave him the best short-term contract offer. Because he wasn't getting the long-term deal he wanted, he took the best situation to pad his stats and hit the market again in 2015.

No details on the alleged contract have been reported, but all indications are it's a short-term deal. Sanders will essentially replace Eric Decker within the best passing offense in the NFL. He'd have plenty of motivation as well as opportunity to cash in after a big season in Denver.