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Emmanuel Sanders signs with the Denver Broncos

Sanders' memorable voyage through free agency ends with the ex-Steelers wide receiver coming to terms with Denver on a three-year contract, pending a physical.

Jared Wickerham

That didn't take much, now did it?

After accusations and visits with an abnormal amount of teams, Emmanuel Sanders decided to take his talents to Denver, and sign a three-year contract with the Broncos - pending a physical.

Sanders is coming off a four-year stint with the Steelers, the team that drafted him in the third round in 2010.

He will likely be better known as the guy who added a log to the burning AFC West fire between its two best teams from 2013. The Broncos signed Sanders to this deal but only after allegedly coming to terms on a verbal agreement with the Chiefs. The Broncos made the decision to sign Sanders anyway, likely setting off controversy between two fanbases that need far less than that to hate each other.

Sanders' impact to this point in his career isn't worth the firestorm that will likely follow, but it seems reasonable to expect his numbers will increase quite a bit off his 67-catch 2013 season in Pittsburgh. The Broncos offense, led by quarterback Peyton Manning, scored more points in the regular season than any team in history, and worked largely through their passing game - until the Super Bowl, that is.

Sanders is just one piece of an aggressive move by the Broncos in free agency. They picked up Browns safety T.J. Ward, Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware and Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib, giving them a revamped defense and something of a response to losing Eric Decker to the Jets.