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Lance Moore fits with some of the bad attributes of recent Steelers receivers

He's older, coming off a rash of injuries and lacks height. But the Steelers may not have many options left if they fail to re-sign Jerricho Cotchery.


Not that ex-Saints wide receiver Lance Moore would be brought into the Steelers to replace Emmanuel Sanders. It's just interesting the first receiver the Steelers would talk to in free agency in 2014 would be one on the wrong side of 30 years of age with a recent history of injuries while standing 5-foot-9.

This is a team dogged recently by age-related problems (namely deteriorated skill) that just lost a receiver with a shaky injury history and a quarterback who has wanted a tall receiver, as the cliche goes, "since Plaxico left."

The Steelers even brought Plaxico Burress back, hoping to fill that lack of height. He didn't stick. He won't stick in the future. Moore probably wouldn't, either.

The Saints released Moore after the injuries mounted up and he appeared to be a shell of his former "small school kid makes good" self. His numbers fell off dramatically (457 yards after a career-high 1,041 yards in 2012) as Sean Payton returned to the sidelines in New Orleans, with some of that due to three games missed and nagging injuries clearly taking their toll.

Moore is worth a tire-kick or two, if for no reason other than Cotchery Insurance. The team's effective slot receiver, Jerricho Cotchery, is visiting with the receiver-starved Panthers Monday, a day before Moore is scheduled to arrive in Pittsburgh.

It appears, based on Moore's production last season, he's a back-up plan, but one that may still be able to offer a return on what will likely be a light investment.

After all, the same kinds of things were said about Cotchery when he first signed with the Steelers in 2011.