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Steelers West update: Larry Foote on the Cardinals radar in free agency

Adding more black and gold to Arizona's red desert landscape is likely the Cardinals' main objective this offseason. It usually ranks near the top.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

In the interest of time, this web site began writing stories immediately after the release of a player about their eventual signing with the Arizona Cardinals.

After a bit, we began doing it with coaches as well (you'll really enjoy the one about Mike Tomlin replacing Bruce Arians).

What began as a joke has turned into a very effective tool to produce well-written (kind of) articles in an effort to foster discussion among readers about the news of the day.

In this case, we wrote Larry Foote's future "signs with the Cardinals" story, and it appears we may actually get to print it.

Foote is catching the eye of the Cardinals in free agency, tweeted Mike Garofalo, and his signing there would make him approximately the 400th former Steelers player or coach to head to "Steelers West" since 2007.

It's almost not even funny anymore. Almost. Still, Foote could be a solid depth addition to a Cardinals team that is beginning to emerge as a higher end unit. They'd pay him likely more for experience and wisdom than in hopes of notching 100 tackles in the 2014 season, but still a solid move by the wannabe Steelers.