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Alex Carrington not visiting Rams, raising questions about his free agency strategy

Not to suggest visiting the Rams - a team loaded with defensive linemen - is a negative thing, but Carrington is allowing a lot of money to be spent in free agency without making a move. What will it take?

Rick Stewart

While we're not economists here, we do recognize the connection between the price of certain goods and services and the market's willingness to buy it.

It makes you start to wonder what, exactly, Alex Carrington is looking for in his run through free agency.

He's made visits to Pittsburgh and Oakland, two teams that have signed other defensive linemen at or around the time he visited them, and apparently did not visit the Rams, as previously reported.

If the Rams are indeed still interested, it would be interesting to learn why he didn't visit, or why a visit hasn't been set up yet. Logic suggests money, especially considering the history of his agent, Eugene Parker.

At the same time, there's something to be said about Carrington not wanting to commit to anything now, perhaps banking on patience and the signings of a few other players, essentially re-assessing the market when a bit more activity has been recorded.

Where that leaves the Steelers in regards to Carrington is anyone's guess. Considering they've since locked up Guy Whimper, who could not realistically had multiple suitors in free agency, and it dug into the little cap space they have left, it suggests they're done with Carrington, instead, looking ahead to getting a veteran receiver and closing up shop as they do their draft research.