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Lance Moore visiting the Steelers Wednesday

Initial reports suggested the meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, but these kinds of happenings are fluid; signings elsewhere and other contract offers come in all the time that change the positions of players and teams.

Chris Graythen

After an exciting day of initially reported visits that apparently weren't until 24 hours later, mass congregations of Steelers personnel attending a Pro Day and a fake Twitter account indicating free agent Sidney Rice was making a visit (he's not), free agent wide receiver Lance Moore will visit the Steelers Wednesday.

It wouldn't be the first date discrepancy anyone has encountered, and there's surely a reason behind it.

It may have something to do with the timing of Jerricho Cotchery having left Charlotte without a contract from the Panthers - he's reportedly weighing his options between playing for the Panthers and the Steelers. Whether his return would leave the Steelers in the market for another wide receiver remains to be seen, but it wouldn't be a terrible idea.

Moore's spot wouldn't be guaranteed anyway, and if he has other suitors on the market who could guarantee him that spot, he should sign there. The Steelers are expected to exploit the talent-rich wide receiver crop in the 2014 NFL Draft, and with a few younger guys already working and developing, it'd be hard to sign Moore and say he'd be a lock as the team's back-up slot receiver (in the hypothetical situation Cotchery does return to the team).

It seems likely some news on both fronts will come out today, so stay tuned.