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Maurice Jones-Drew to meet again with Steelers Thursday

If nothing else, he didn't turn away angry. It doesn't mean a signing is imminent but the fact free agent running back Maurice Jones-Drew is meeting again with the Steelers is a sign something is going well.

So what if Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell and Maurice Jones-Drew share the same agent, and they may have just popped into Pittsburgh to say hi - thus setting the media off and circulating MJD's unsigned name?

Who cares if the cap-strapped Steelers have other needs to fill and could get more value out of two signings for what they're likely to have to spend on the eight-year pro?

When MJD is on the table, reasonable thoughts go out the window. Still, for a team that needs another receiver, adding a second running back isn't a terrible idea. For a team with an excellent quarterback, establishing a run-first priority makes sense.

Building the ground game over the passing game will help quarterback Ben Roethlisberger be the best kind of player he is - making the most out of each pass he's given, and playing spontaneously, knowing his offensive line and running game will get him close enough to the first down sticks he can use any one of several passing options - including those running backs - in whatever manner he'd like.

MJD is still in Pittsburgh and will reportedly meet again with the team. There is as much indication it's simply a tire-kicking conversation on both sides as there is genuine interest coming from Pittsburgh in his services. If the Steelers make a financial move today, it'd be more telling the Steelers are legitimately interested. For now, it seems more like he's just enjoying his trip as his name gets passed around as the second wave of free agency heats up.