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Maurice Jones-Drew seeking $3.5 million a season

The Steelers and free agent RB Maurice Jones-Drew failed to come to terms on a contract this week. Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports gives some pretty good evidence as to why it didn't happen.

It's fairly obvious why the Steelers and free agent running back Maurice Jones-Drew parted without agreeing on a contract.

What Jones-Drew wants is neither managable for the Steelers, nor is it at all reflective of what the market will currently bear.

Simply put, but he's insane if he thinks he's getting $3.5 million this season, or even up front. Not after a season that saw him average 3.4 yards a carry, and not when he's turning 29 this weekend.

Crazy how it's changed, but 29 is the new 30 for NFL running backs, when just a few years ago, 30 was the new 40. Still, that's the reality, and if MJD went to Pittsburgh seeking that kind of a contract, his agent isn't exactly informed. It lends more belief to the notion he was in town to do nothing more than generate some buzz with a team that is known to need a running back.

On one hand, mission accomplished. Buzz was created, and he got the opportunity to leave without a deal, sending the impression he's serious about the dollars of his next deal.

On the other, he gave other teams the impression that's all he'll sign for, and in a market that shows the top-tiered backs going for non-guaranteed 2-year, $7 million deals, what he's asking for is highly unlikely to materialize.