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Steelers sign ex-Saints WR Lance Moore to two-year contract

The Steelers signed Moore to a two-year deal Friday, one day after Jerricho Cotchery moved on to Carolina.

Granted, it's going a different direction from the alleged "Tall Decree" mandated from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, but Lance's Moore's 2-year contract to replace Jerricho Cotchery in the slot isn't a bad move.

Moore's reliability as a receiver within the Saints pass-heavy offense earned him a solid reputation around the league. Injuries and a somewhat dampered down offense in 2013 slowed down his production, but if he's able to recover around his 1,041 yard form of 2012, the Steelers may have acquired a steal in free agency.

Realistically, they picked up a solid slot option go to alongside the versatile Antonio Brown and the developing Markus Wheaton. Moore will serve as a complimentary receiver in the team's intermediate passing game as they look to become a more run-oriented team.

If he costs less than Cotchery and performs at or around the same level, it's a big win for the cap-strapped Steelers.

Update: Moore is getting about half of what the Panthers gave Cotchery.