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Ravens also reportedly interested in LeGarrette Blount

Per a source, Blount will visit the Steelers Sunday, but a separate report links interest on both sides between the Ravens and Blount.

It's not particularly often when it comes out the Steelers and Ravens are interested in the same free agent.

Baltimore is reportedly also interested in free agent running back LeGarrette Blount - a player who will be visiting the Steelers Sunday.

Blount, a power back with good size and strength, is talking to two teams that will be likely to implement outside zone running schemes. The Ravens replaced the departed Jim Caldwell with offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, and the addition of offensive line coach Mike Munchak is expected to help implement the zone scheme the Steelers never got working last year.

The Patriots are reportedly interested in keeping Blount, one of their more effective running backs last season. The possibility exists Blount is trying to generate a market for his services in order to leverage a deal with the Patriots.

Blount has a career 4.7 yards per carry average, and with less than 600 carries in his career, appears to be an excellent candidate for teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh, looking for depth behind capable starters.

Baltimore may have a bit more leverage than Pittsburgh in terms of available cap space right now (the Steelers clear over $8 million after June 1 when LaMarr Woodley's contract comes off the books for this year) and the fact Ray Rice could be facing suspension for a domestic incident caught on film at an Atlantic City casino this offseason.