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Meeting with LeGarrette Blount pushed back suggests something else is at work

The fact the team wishes to have a full audience of decision-makers on hand to speak with Blount is suggestive they have more interest in him than they did in Maurice Jones-Drew.

Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly suggested there's a stronger amount of mutual interest involved in LeGarrette Blount than what might be interpreted after a report surfaced saying they are pushing the meeting between the two sides from Sunday to Friday.

The Steelers had met with Maurice Jones-Drew last week, and we speculated it was more of a token tire-kicking session than a genuine contract-based discussion. The fact the team is pushing the visit back until late in the week, after the league meetings taking place in Orlando, could be an indication there is legitimate interest enough to wait until general manager Kevin Colbert, head coach Mike Tomlin and, of course, Dan and Art Rooney II, are on hand to go over everything.

We suggested earlier one possible reason is they wanted to discuss other options with owners and general managers while in Orlando, but the idea of offering a full audience to meet with Blount is suggestive, if nothing else, the team is more interested in Blount than they were in Jones-Drew - who reportedly wants $3.5 million a season. That would be the second-highest dollar amount given to a running back this offseason behind Toby Gerhart, who somehow managed to get $4.5 million off Jacksonville.