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Maurice Jones-Drew visiting Oakland Raiders Thursday

It's a sleepover too, the free agent running back is expected to stay through to Friday.

Sam Greenwood

Free agent running back and subject of the Steelers (alleged) fancy Maurice Jones-Drew is in Oakland, reports Ian Rapoport, and he could be staying there overnight.

That, of course, implies seriousness. What's likely more serious is cap space and opportunity. The Raiders would provide Jones-Drew more financial incentive, and with their fragile running back Darren McFadden in tow, the likely opportunity to get on the field for any playing-based cash incentives.

Perhaps this, coupled with Knowshon Moreno helping set what's left of the running backs market (one-year deal with Miami), means any allegations of interest with the Steelers is coming to an end.

And such an unsatisfying ending. The Steelers must feel cheap. Used. Not to fear, though, with LeGarrette Blount coming to town Friday, the Steelers may have a chance to get with the right running back. A report indicated the Steelers would sign a veteran running back by the end of this week. If Blount is in town, and he's willing to accept the deal the Steelers can afford, he may be their guy.