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LeGarrette Blount mimmicks Ray Lewis's dance after win over Ravens in 2013

He may have established himself as a Steelers fan favorite in Week 16 of the 2013 season. After scoring one of two touchdowns against the Ravens, he mocked former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis by doing his celebration dance.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

He's a 245-pound power guy who made a killing in New England running stretch zone. Those characteristics alone are enough to think LeGarrette Blount is already a fan favorite in Pittsburgh.


This definitely seals the deal.

Blount can be forgiven for being a part of a Patriots offense that spanked the Steelers defense in historical fashion, because he mocked Ray Lewis in Baltimore amid another historical and savage beating of an AFC North team.

For the record, the Patriots beat the Steelers and Ravens a combined 96-38 in two games this year. Ouch.

Blount was a big part of both of those games. Three touchdowns and 121 yards in those games. Not too shabby at all.

But this dance is easily the highlight for his season. Unless he did some kind of dance to taunt the Colts after he put a buck 40 and four TDs on them, nothing would have been better for the Patriots, who were embarrassed by the Ravens the previous season.

Let's just expect to see this dance at least once more this year, as the best one-two rushing attack in the AFC North grinds over Baltimore twice this season.