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Twitter reaction to the Steelers signing RB LeGarrette Blount

It's a solid addition to a burgeoning Steelers offense. Fans are excited, and even players threw their vote behind the signing.

Harry How

Steelers fans are excited, to put it mildly. No fan base anticipates more from the newest additions to its team than Steelers fans. Even the current and former players catch it.

Former Steelers safety Ryan Clark puts it out there, and Le'Veon Bell retweets it. Nothing wrong with a little excitement, right?

A bit more Bus and not as much Duce, and yeah, sure, that works. Previous incantations of Thunder and Lightning are taking more of a Thunder and Thunder vibe, but both Blount and Bell can run zone (as demonstrated by Blount's success with the stretch run in New England).

The Steelers will be able to modify their rushing attack to fit their need, and those contrasting styles from game to game is something offensive coordinator Todd Haley has emphasized over the years - with mixed results. The implementation of a running game, a year after reaching one of the franchise's worst two-year stretches ever, should help the offense stay on schedule, and allow quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to utilize several weapons on each drive.

Those concerns are there, and have been throughout his somewhat odd career. He punched a player in college, likely costing him a spot in the draft in 2010. He went to Tennessee as an undrafted free agent, punched another player in training camp during a scrum. Made that Titans team but was eventually released early in the year and wound up in Tampa Bay. He had some success, but was traded to the multi-back Patriots, who used him situationally. Perhaps, if anything, this will be the first time in Blount's career where his role is clearly established. He's a back-up, but he knows going in he's a back-up. The Steelers won't be drafting a Doug Martin to take his spot, or rotating him on a game-by-game basis with Shane Vereen.

There is no cap space to worry about. Blount's Year 1 deal will fit under what the Steelers currently have for cap space, so no other moves are being made. Since the Steelers have $8 million coming post-June 1, there are no other transactions needed.

As far as the direction of the offense, we saw plenty of it last year. Bell, as well as the offense, can be very effective getting 20 touches a game. The presence of a running game can only help a passing attack, and the Steelers have reason to believe both of those areas will be capable of producing.