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Ryan Clark visited with Seahawks but remains unsigned

The ex-Steelers safety is still without a job, but interest still appears to be there.

Larry French

Ryan Clark is a courteous guest, if nothing else. He confirmed he recently visited with the Seahawks, a team in need of a back-up safety behind Earl Thomas, but does not yet have a contract. He reportedly discussed financials with the Washington Redskins earlier this free agency period.

Clark has also said he wouldn't sign back with the Steelers for a minimum deal or to be a back-up.

It'd be a different story in Seattle, where he could contribute to arguably the best defense in the NFL. The Seahawks also have money in reserve Pittsburgh does not.

But Clark still is without a job, despite an obvious willingness to discuss potential roster spots. With plenty of teams still in strong salary cap positions, he seems more likely to end up somewhere than retiring from the league.