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Steelers third-highest in AFC North in guaranteed money spent

Only Cincinnati committed fewer guaranteed dollars in this year's free agency class.

Streeter Lecka

Waves were made in a figurative sense this offseason when the Steelers signed eight free agents. But the total amount of guaranteed money doesn't exactly rock the financial boat.

Of those eight players, the Steelers committed $8.7 million in guaranteed money, according to reporter Pat McManamon, the third-highest sum in the AFC North.

Cleveland led the way this offseason, with Baltimore following them. Pittsburgh outspent Cincinnati - a feat that isn't exactly hard to achieve.

What's attention-getting here though is the fact Cleveland spent $55.8 million in guaranteed dollars, the bulk of which going to center Alex Mack ($18 million is the unconfirmed guaranteed amount going to him). Baltimore spent $36.3 million, with $19 million of that going to left tackle Eugene Monroe.

Nearly all of Pittsburgh's $8.7 million went to safety Mike Mitchell, who is getting $5 million guaranteed over his five-year deal with the team. Cincinnati, a franchise that opens its wallet so infrequently, President Washington's face grimaces from the sunlight when it does, signed no new players of significance.

Whether teams get considerably better with the influx of free agents is always hotly debated, but the Browns have two first-round draft picks and the Steelers have nine overall, they look to have the most opportunity to add quality players via the draft.