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Twitter reactions to Steelers signing Darrius Heyward-Bey

The newest Steelers wide receiver didn't generate a whole lot of buzz via Twitter, but that's to be expected, considering he's now in a fight for a roster spot - not a position or playing time, mind you, a roster spot.

Thearon W. Henderson

Ba BUM CHING! Thank you! Mr. Farrar will be here all week! Please tip your wait staff!

Let's just get this out of the way now. We mentioned yesterday with the signing of Brice McCain. These kinds of signings are typically done in August, and no one bats an eyelash. No one expects Heyward-Bey to come in and get 12 targets a game. He's not even assured a spot on the team. The difference is the Steelers would rather bring a veteran into camp to push a younger player, as opposed to, you know, trotting out a bunch of rookies at the position. There's a reason Baltimore has the worst receiving group in the division.

And who, exactly, are Sanders and Cotchery? Don't let the 16 touchdowns from a season ago fool you; the team spent on its running game anyway. A fully healthy Heath Miller, along with the two-headed monster in the backfield, you can see those 16 touchdowns getting pretty much accounted for. And there's still an entire draft to go.

Ummm...yes. That's the guy. Heyward-Bey dropped nine passes last season in Indianapolis, and he had just a shade over 60 targets on the season. It's a concern, without a doubt, but it can be as much a mental issue as a physical one, and either way, it's something that can be corrected only with what the Steelers are giving him; opportunity.

This seems to be it. There really isn't much of a reaction, top to bottom. As for the specific question, considering we've done one GIF breakdown, a video breakdown and a straight write-up on Blount coming, it's safe to say the excitement on this end is definitely slanted more toward Blount than Heyward-Bey.