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James Harrison shows he hasn't lost any upper body strength

The former Steelers and Bengals outside linebacker floor-pressed an obscene amount of weight in a film clip he posted to Instagram Saturday.

John Grieshop

It's certainly not a question of a reduction in strength for ex-Steelers and Bengals outside linebacker James Harrison.

He posted a snippet on Instagram Saturday of him floor-pressing what must be 455 pounds (assuming the big plates are 45 pounds each and the smaller one is 25 pounds. If the big ones are 35 pounds each, it'd be 375).

If it's not 455, oh well. He's chucking up a ton of weight, that's a fact.

Harrison's best quality was his strength off the edge. Oftentimes he was credited with being an outstanding pass rusher, and while that was true to an extent, his highest and best value was as an edge run defender. His lower body strength is at least as amazing as his upper body strength, and clearly, he hasn't lost any of the latter.

The pending free agent turned 36 years old in May, and reportedly was interested in returning to the Steelers - the team that cut him after Harrison refused an reduced salary offer from Pittsburgh. He signed with Cincinnati and had a fairly nondescript 2013 season in Cincinnati's variable 4-3 defense.

The Steelers have something of a lack of depth at outside linebacker, and in some ways, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring him back for a tryout during training camp. Behind Jarvis Jones and Jason Worilds is veteran Chris Carter, a player who has nine career tackles in 29 games.