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Brandon Flowers left San Diego without signing contract

The Steelers reportedly are interested enough in Flowers to be open to bringing him in for a visit. Now that he left San Diego without signing a contract, his options remain wide open.

Doug Pensinger

It takes a compelling reason to leave San Diego after a job interview.

The weather is second to none and, despite the price, it's a phenomenal place to live. The fact free agent cornerback Brandon Flowers reportedly left San Diego after a visit with the Chargers suggests he's interested in more than the weather.

The "whether" is key. We don't know whether Flowers was offered a contract, or whether he's just scoping out his options. It would appear the latter option is more likely, for both sides.

Flowers didn't get the benefit of being free to negotiate at the start of the free agency period. Now, he has the captive attention of the entire NFL, and it makes sense to weigh all his options - very similarly to what ex-Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson did before he signed with the Washington Redskins.

BTSC confirmed Wednesday the Steelers have interest in Flowers, but the source did not confirm whether he would take a visit to Pittsburgh. Steel City Insider publisher Jim Wexell confirmed that information, and added his source didn't feel he'd get out of San Diego without a deal.

Flowers has plenty of time to fully investigate what the market has to bear. Perhaps the last and best offer he gets is from the Steelers. For now, it would seem he'll continue to explore those options.