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2014 Steelers Free Agency: Early talks with Jermichael Finley included a contract offer

Analyzing what the Steelers' reported interest in free agent tight end Jermichael Finley means to the team, it's clear they want to add a big and fast receiving option.

USA Today reporter Tom Pelissero reported Monday night the Steelers and free agent tight end Jermichael Finley kicked around some numbers regarding a contract for at least the 2014 season.

What does that mean for the Steelers?

They're bargain-hunting, to be sure, but the value of a bigger (6-foot-4) and strong receiver can't be overestimated, particularly within an offense that lacks a big and experienced receiver outside their current tight ends.

And Finley probably isn't fairly called a tight end anyway. Think of him as a supersized slot receiver who can catch balls in traffic and in the best place of all, the end zone.

Finley has an insurance policy that would pay him $10 million if he doesn't play in the first four games of the season, but all signs point to him wanting to play for another few years. The fact he hasn't yet signed with the Steelers only indicates he's waiting on a better offer, but the Steelers have clearly thrown their hat in Finley's ring.