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Lance Moore getting looks in two-WR packages

Extra work at multiple spots on the offense will make the Steelers more dangerous in terms of their expanding no huddle offense.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Who says Lance Moore is just a slot receiver?

Not the Steelers.

According to Alan Robinson of the Tribune Review, Moore took snaps as a receiver in two receiver packages during the team's minicamp, which ended Thursday in Pittsburgh. Much of the reason for that could be another option for the team's progressively expanding no huddle packages.

"Over the years, I played more outside, but the last couple of years I was pretty close, 50-50, playing inside and outside," Moore told Robinson who also wrote Moore could end up as the team's starter opposite Antonio Brown. "I'm comfortable with both spots, and it doesn't matter to me. ... (But) we haven't talked about specifics or game plan-type things or how we're going to go into a game with certain personnel groupings yet."

Using a diverse group of offensive skill position players gives the team flexibility in determining when to use the no huddle. Moore and Brown both could play inside or outside as needed, and using a two tight end set with Heath Miller on first down could trigger a second down from the no huddle with three receivers split out.

Reports suggest the Steelers have spent a good amount of time working on no huddle packages in their offseason program, and with a little over a month until training camp, it doesn't appear they'll scrap that plan now. The amount of no huddle they use this year is the compelling question.

More diverse personnel groupings in the team's base offense gives them a viable weapon to use at quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's discretion.