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Steelers LB Ryan Shazier predicts great things for the city of Pittsburgh

The Steelers rookie makes a bold prediction for all three major sports teams in Pittsburgh within five years.

Joe Sargent

Optimism is a good thing. When that optimism is expressed from a player on the local team, it's even better.

Ya gotta love it when that one player speaks for every team in the city - even if those teams aren't exactly tearing up their respective leagues.

Steelers rookie linebacker Ryan Shazier tweeted Monday all three of Pittsburgh's major pro sports teams will win championships within the next five years. The Steelers taking a Super Bowl championship, the Penguins hoisting the Stanley Cup and the Pirates winning the World Series.

The Pirates are 23-27 as of Tuesday, six games out of first place. The Penguins lost Game 7 of their conference semifinal series with the New York Rangers and the Steelers haven't won a playoff game since bouncing the Ravens and Jets in January of 2011. The Steelers are the team in the city currently in the longest playoff drought, but some have predicted their postseason return in 2014.

Not to rain on his theoretical championship parade, but his prediction is certainly bold. But if a 22-year-old kid nearing his physical prime with an outstanding career ahead of him can't spread the love, who can?