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Steelers OTAs: Dri Archer is now a shared resource

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A report indicates the Steelers rookie will spend time in meetings with both the running backs and the wide receivers.

Joe Sargent

Should Dri Archer be called the Vice President?

A more modern version of "Slash," Archer, as confirmed by Steel City Insider publisher Jim Wexell, will attend the meetings of both the wide receivers and running backs, a move clearly aimed to position Archer into match-up-based situations.

Putting this kind of workload on a rookie isn't entirely common, but it's similar to what the Chiefs did, under Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, with Dexter McCluster. He can line up in the slot and shift to the backfield, or he can line up on the line and run go routes.

Media reports Wednesday said Archer was getting carries between the tackles when lined up in the backfield in the team's red zone drills. Wexell also quoted Tomlin (probably the front-runner for Tomlin Quote of the Year:

However they find the open grass for Archer, it appears to be a dual effort between departments of the Steelers' corporation.