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Steelers OTAs: Will Johnson working as fullback and tight end

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The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't deployed a true fullback since Dan Kreider's playing days, and that won't change in 2014.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Dri Archer is not the only dual threat on the Steelers' 2014 roster.

As Neal Coolong wrote earlier, Archer is expected to attend both wide receiver and running back meetings to help his preparation heading into his rookie season. Learning two positions is difficult, but Archer isn't the only player that is having to put in double time before this season.

Will Johnson might not have the glamorous position status of Archer, but that doesn't mean his versatility is of any less importance than Archer's.

Johnson is no stranger to playing multiple positions. He has been lined up as a pure tight end in blocking situations, has been sent out in passing routes and has been in the backfield in the power 'I' formation on running downs. As Mark Kaboly reported, Mike Tomlin expects Johnson to attend both positional meetings and play both positions again in 2014.

Johnson's versatility gives the Steelers a ton of roster flexibility. Instead of having a natural fullback on the roster, like Dan Kreider, that can't do anything else, they can kill two birds with one stone with Johnson having the ability to play both tight end and fullback if the game deems it necessary.

Some fans still clamor for the days of Kreider leading the way for the power running game of Jerome Bettis and company, but in today's NFL and the tight 53 man roster, more and more teams are doing exactly what the Steelers are by finding players who can be capable at multiple positions.