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Troy Polamalu to return as 'Jesus on the field'

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Ike Taylor shines the light on the whereabouts of Troy Polamalu and his eventual return.

Karl Walter

Ike Taylor has never been one to shy away from an interview, or using such a platform to have some fun. When Taylor returned to Pittsburgh to participate in the 2nd round of OTAs being held, reporters flocked to Taylor for the latest sound byte from the veteran cornerback.

Will Graves of the AP asked Taylor if he had talked to Troy Polamalu and when he might be returning. His response was priceless.

Although Polamalu being compared to the Christian deity might be a little extreme, the Steelers will need him to be every bit as good as he was in 2013 and then some for them to not only return to the playoffs and compete for a Lombardi trophy.

As for Polamalu's actual whereabouts, he is in California training with famed Marv Marinovich, as he has for several years. Polamalu is expected to miss all three rounds of OTAs, but will most likely return to the team for minicamp. Whether he returns as Jesus is to be determined.