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Two Steelers fight in OTAs, violate Mike Tomlin's Rule No. 10

Last week it was brought to light that Mike Tomlin has a rule system players need to follow during practices and OTAs. Rule No. 10 - No Fighting.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In the first phase of OTAs there were the reports that an overly anxious rookie, Ryan Shazier, and a pumped veteran coming off injury, Maurkice Pouncey, nearly got into a bit of a skirmish when Shazier shed Pouncey's block and tossed the center to the ground. To say Pouncey didn't enjoy that is an understatement.

It was after practice that Pouncey told reporters, "I didn't want to break rule No. 10." which is Coach Tomlin's way of reinforcing that he doesn't want any extracurricular activity happening that could be detrimental to the team by way of injury.

At Tuesday's OTA session, rule No. 10 was broken by LB Vic So' oto and OG Will Simmons. BTSC's Dale Grdnic mentioned it, along with other media members, including Tribune Review reporter Mark Kaboly.

However, So'oto's response to the fight might have been even more troubling.

When a coach specifically tells players not to fight, and veteran players are following that rule, you might not want to sound off about how "fun" it was. Granted, you cannot make, or be cut from, the team in OTAs, but don't think impressions aren't being made every singe day these players put on that black helmet with the logo on the right side.

Some might see it as being "feisty", but for two players trying to just make the 53 man roster, it might have been a setback in their progress.