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Martavis Bryant gets on Mike Tomlin's bad side

Football in Shorts has a quiet implication of running hard throughout all drills. Based on a video recorded at practice Wednesday, rookie Martavis Bryant learned that the verbal way.

Joe Sargent

Simply put, always hustle. Run hard through the rest of the play, especially if there's no one there to tackle you. All of these things are indicative of good work habits, and things coaches at all levels will harp on early in the season.

Steelers rookie wide receiver Martavis Bryant was given that reminder Wednesday, as Tribune Review reporter Mark Kaboly filmed Bryant make a catch as part of a route, then stop, instead of running all the way through, the way the others before him did.

Kaboly explained the clip in his blog, saying he cut the camera off before Tomlin's "outburst." That's very unfortunate, because, even based on the "FINISH IT-" that is on film, you can tell it's gonna be a good one.

Other interesting can see the difference in a veteran wide receiver and a rookie. Watch the top of Moore's route, how smoothly he changes direction. There's a little bit of that with some of the others, but none as crisp as Moore's. Probably getting some veteran treatment, but Moore doesn't appear to run all that hard after the catch either.