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2014 Steelers OTAs

Football in Shorts means clean football in shorts

The Steelers, like 31 other teams in the NFL, witness each year the random nature of injuries during the offseason program. They're doing what they can to prevent injuries but it seems like it could happen to anyone at any time.

Talk is cheap for Ramon Foster

Foster speaks like the grizzled, unimpressed veteran. Perhaps that's the role he should play on this team. Hype has been placed on this offensive line, but in his words, until they put the work in, none of it matters.

Steelers OTAs: 5 things to look for from Steelers

Football in Shorts continues in Pittsburgh with three practices scheduled Tuesday through Thursday on the South Side.

Adams sees time at right tackle in OTAs

He would tell Tribune Review reporter Mark Kaboly it was more of a cursory overview of the position, not even a year since Adams was given the team's left tackle spot in training camp.

Steelers Thursday OTAs recap: Roster moves, film

A few roster moves, some film breakdown and far less noise coming from practice. Those were the highlights as the Steelers finished up their final practice of the week.

Brown dons full pads as means to feel 'game-ready'

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown chose to wear pads for the Steelers' most recent OTAs, something he feels helps him get in better shape. It's leadership by example from the fifth-year All Pro receiver.

No Rosetta Stone needed for offensive line

It's not about the organizational package of the movements being called in the Steelers' play sequences. It's simply about teaching foot spacing, hand placement and other minutiae associated with successful offensive lines.

Thomas in 'constant contact' with Polamalu

The veteran's advice to the second-year safety is usually the same, writes Mark Kaboly. "Get in your playbook."

Brown can't shake punt return duties

The second-team All Pro receiver was handling his long-time nemesis Thursday; punt returns. Brown can't shake them, partially because he's good at it and partially because the Steelers haven't found anyone else.

Mitchell won't leap over center like Polamalu

Mike Mitchell says he won't dive over the center, but he will make plays for the Steelers in 2014 and beyond.

Archer missed practice for NFLPA business seminar

Amending an earlier story, Dri Archer's involvement in an NFLPA business seminar, along with an illness, are the reasons he was not at the Steelers' first two days of OTAs.

Steelers release 'Embernasty'

The Steelers part ways with a fan favorite, Nik Embernate, who appears to have more rehab work ahead of him.

Lance Moore the new kid at school with Steelers

The veteran receiver is feeling the pressure and challenges that come with learning a new system on a new team.

Less talk without Clark but more athleticism

The Steelers' new starting free safety, Mike Mitchell, doesn't appear to be the talker Ryan Clark was in his time in Pittsburgh. Mitchell hasn't met Troy Polamalu, but he's leaning on two veterans knowing their roles to bring success back to the D.

Steelers OTAs recap: Injuries and waivers claims

There were injuries and waivers claims Wednesday, here's a recap of all the news from the Steelers' second OTAs practice.

Worilds says ice on leg due to 'cramping'

Transition-tagged linebacker said his leg was cramping, but any injury hiccup for Worilds is met with the collective holding of breath.

Wheaton's pinkie mangled, but feels good

Steelers second-year wide receiver missed a handful of games last season due to a broken right pinkie finger. A failure to rehab that finger properly has left it gnarled, but he doesn't foresee issues catching passes as the team's starting split end.

Mitchell adjusting his game to play clean football

Mike Mitchell has been fined many times in his NFL career. He said today that he has adjusted his game to comply with the NFL's many rules regarding player safety, in an effort to play clean football.

Blount feels Steelers RBs disrespected by NFLN

Don't doubt LeBackfield. That's the message Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount sent Wednesday at the Steelers' OTAs practice, writes BTSC's Dale Grdnic.

Timmons prepared to lead Steelers' defense

Lawrence Timmons is now an elder on the Steelers' defense, and he is ready to lead.

Steelers OTAs recap: News from first practice

From near brawls to clear messages, it was an active day news wise as the Steelers began organized practices for the first time as a full team in 2014.

Brown excited to lead Steelers receivers in 2014

The franchise's yards and yards per game leader Antonio Brown is excited about the idea of being the leader of the Steelers' wide receivers.

Shazier knocked Pouncey down in practice

A report says Shazier offered a handshake as an apology, but the three-time Pro Bowl center, coming off a torn ACL in 2013, wasn't having it.

Spence practices, but his climb just started

If Spence didn't injure his knee, perhaps he would have earned a starting job last year. The reality is he now has to overcome that injury, but a rookie who's already running with the 1s.

Pouncey: 'I've never been hit like that'

Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey made it back from a major knee injury sufferd on a wayward block attempt from RG David DeCastro. While he wants to put the injury talk aside, he told BTSC's Dale Grdnic it was more mental than anything.

Taylor, Polamalu miss first OTAs practice

The veteran defensive backs missed the voluntary practice in Pittsburgh Tuesday. Both have missed in the past and most veterans miss at least one or two sessions of the 10-practice segment of the offseason program.

Shazier runs with the starters at Steelers OTAs

It didn't take long for 1st round draft pick, Ryan Shazier, to insert himself into a starting role as he was at ILB with the starters at OTAs.

Maurkice Pouncey returns to the field for OTAs

Pouncey returned to the field for the first time since a knee injury ended his 2013 season eight plays into Week 1.

Wheaton must develop into a starter for Steelers

When Steelers fans and experts speak of the potential in the upcoming 2014 offense, they always count on a big year from second year wide out Markus Wheaton. That talk might be a little premature.

Le'Veon Bell looking to pick up where he left off

Le'Veon Bell was tremendous down the stretch for the Steelers, but the best is yet to come for this young running back.

Shazier predicts championships for Pittsburgh

The Steelers rookie makes a bold prediction for all three major sports teams in Pittsburgh within five years.

5 questions for the start of Football in Shorts

Football in shorts is back, here are five questions and answers highlighting where the Steelers are heading into the fake football season.

Mount McCullers misses Doritos

The Steelers 6th round draft pick is already among the largest players in the NFL, but at 20 percent body fat, he's more solid than he is fat. A part of the reason he's dropped over 50 pounds since high school was the elimination of soda and Doritos.

Steelers OTAs begin Tuesday

The team will have 10 coach-less practices from now until mid-June. The team's minicamp is on June 17.

Steelers' cornerbacks not a weak link

In a draft that was deep at the cornerback position, the Steelers stayed away from it until the fifth round, telling fans that their assessment of the position was a bit off.

Polamalu attending OTAs is a (non) story

Every year Steelers fans wonder if their favorite safety will be a part of the team's OTAs, or if he will remain training in sunny California. It truly doesn't matter either way.