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Steelers rookie jersey numbers released

As rookie minicamp begins, the Steelers' draft picks have their numbers for preseason decided.


The Steelers announced what numbers the members of their 2014 Draft Class will wear, at least through the preseason. Rookie minicamp and orientation began Friday, and there are several undrafted free agents as well as tryout participants involved in that camp.

First round: Ryan Shazier, No. 50
Second round: Stephon Tuitt, No. 91
Third round: Dri Archer, No. 34
Fourth round: Martavis Bryant, No. 10
Fifth round: Shad Richardson, No. 31
Fifth round: Wesley Johnson, No. 67
Sixth round: Jordan Zumwalt, No. 56
Seventh round: Rob Blanchflower, No. 87

Just to point out...LaMarr Woodley has worn No. 56 since the regular season of 2007, his rookie year. Also, with Blanchflower being given No. 87, it means veteran tight end Matt Spaeth has No. 89 again, the number he had worn throughout his pro career until last season. Spaeth left the Steelers in 2011, and his No. 89 was picked up by Jerricho Cotchery, who left via free agency this offseason.

Shazier will wear No. 50, a number that's been worn by Larry Foote for the better part of the last 12 years. Foote left in 2009 via free agency to Detroit, but returned in 2010, and took his No. 50 back.

Archer's No. 34 suggests he'll be seen more as a running back than a wide receiver, although he can play in the slot, if he's off the line of scrimmage. With his speed, playing off the line in the slot won't be an issue. The No. 34 was worn by LaRod Stephens-Howling last season, and Rashard Mendenhall before that. Both players tore ACLs while wearing that number, so...that means nothing at all, just an interesting tidbit.