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Ben calls Martavis Bryant 10 minutes after he was drafted

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got a tall receiver. Ten minutes later, he was on the phone with him, asking when he was going to report.

Joe Sargent

Maybe Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger needed some time to collect himself.

Ten minutes after the Steelers selected Ben's tall receiver, the quarterback gave the receiver a call to welcome him to the team.

"Yeah, I was [surprised] to be honest with you but it was a good experience for me," Bryant said Friday after the team's rookie minicamp session in Pittsburgh. "He asked me when I was coming out here and I told him I report Monday."

It's a match made in fans' heaven. Amid speculation throughout the weeks leading into the 2014 NFL Draft, fans were egged on by media reports that the Steelers would draft a "tall" wide receiver in the first two rounds. It's fun to imagine the Steelers' franchise quarterback pacing around his man cave like a caged animal, waiting to hear which receiver, and how tall he would be.

In the third round, the Steelers selected diminutive running back/WR Dri Archer. In terms of height, a step (albeit a fast one) in the wrong direction.

The team grabbed Bryant in the fourth, and he's in Pittsburgh now, looking to compete for the team's fourth spot on its depth chart.