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Joey Porter bringing the 'intensity' to the Steelers' defense as assistant coach

When the Pittsburgh Steelers hired Joey Porter as a defensive assistant, not many were sure what he would bring to the table. Turns out, the same thing he did as a player. Intensity.

Christian Petersen

When it was announced this offseason that the Pittsburgh Steelers were bringing in former OLB Joey Porter to become a defensive assistant coach, fans wondered what exactly Porter would bring to a very porous defense. As the rookies recently found out during their three day minicamp, he brings the same intensity to coaching as he did when he was donning the black and gold uniform every Sunday.

Steelers' first round draft pick, Ryan Shazier especially took notice of the new coach's demeanor. He told, "He's real intense. He's bringing the intensity. It's amazing to have such a great veteran like that, a guy who has such a tradition here in Pittsburgh and the NFL be one of our coaches. It means a lot. Its going to help us inexperienced players."

The intensity that Porter brings to the Steelers team is something that has been extremely lacking on the current roster when such veterans as Larry Foote, James Farrior and James Harrison left the team.

Learning from Porter is something that has been especially important for the rookie linebacker. "Pittsburgh is known for their linebackers, and what they have done. I just want to add my name to that list and be one of the great Pittsburgh linebackers. I just want to continue to learn and do what I can in this playbook."

For Shazier to reach such legendary status as Joey "J. Peezy" Porter in Pittsburgh, he is having the absolute perfect mentor to do just that.