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2014 Steelers season scenarios: Rookie Dri Archer gets 40 or more targets in 2014

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The Pittsburgh Steelers' plans for rookie speedster Dri Archer is still unknown, but the rookie will have his hands on the ball enough to make a impact in 2014.

Scenario: Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Dri Archer will have 40 or more targets in 2014.

Why it will happen: When a player runs a 4.26 40-yard dash at the combine, and compounds that straight line speed with the fastest cone drill at the combine as well, you can see the up side of Dri Archer. However, Archer is the type of player that takes a creative coordinator to put the ball in his hands giving him the greatest chance to succeed.

Archer has the versatility to absolutely get 40 or more targets this season. Already in spring practices Archer has been receiving handoffs between the tackles, catching the ball out of the backfield as well as catching passes from the slot. Essentially showing that versatility that would make a coordinator foolish to not play him.

If you doubt that simple fact, go to youtube and simply type in "Dri Archer highlight film" into the search engine. You can pick any of the possible videos to see what kid of dynamic play making ability that Archer brings to an offense, and that is something the Steelers offense desperately needs. The team would be foolish to not get the ball into Archer's hands as much as possible to give him that sheer glimmer of daylight he needs to take the play the distance.

Why it won't happen: Chris Rainey. Plain and simple. That is all you have to say as to why this scenario of Archer getting 40 targets won't happen. Although Archer has a much more prolific skill set than Rainey, the way that Rainey was misused in so many capacities is exactly what could have this project go south for Archer's rookie season.

Rainey's skill set was allocated to plays like reverses, screens and draws. It was too predictable. When Rainey stepped on the field on third down, odds were the pigskin was going to be going to him somehow. The Steelers must find more creative ways to include Archer into the game plan, other than the act of deception.

Archer can play the slot, can be put out wide and can line up almost anywhere in the backfield. If Todd Haley and his staff can't utilize such versatility, then it will be a long and frustrating season for the speedster from Kent State.

Keys: More important than Haley's ability to put Archer in a situation to succeed is Archer's ability to prove capable in all the positions previously mentioned. It will be a tall task for a rookie to know essentially every skill position on the offensive side of the ball, and to be able to go out and perform at each of those positions. If Archer is able to prove he is capable of mastering the playbook, and applying that knowledge on the field, then there is no doubt that 40 targets his rookie season is a scenario that will come to fruition.