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2014 Steelers season scenarios: Daniel McCullers makes the 53 man roster

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The largest human being in the 2014 NFL draft is defensive lineman Daniel McCullers, a player that could be destined to not only make the 53 man roster, but make a difference in 2014.

Scenario: Defensive lineman Daniel McCullers make the Pittsburgh Steelers' 53 man roster.

Why it will happen: Daniel McCullers seems to be a player that could certainly boost the Steelers' defensive line depth, and his ability to play multiple positions along the line certainly will help his chances of making the final cuts at the end of the Steelers' preseason.

McCullers is a player that certainly could make a difference with his size and ability to play multiple positions at a position that is desperate need of depth. Outside of Cam Heyward, Steven McLendon, Cam Thomas and rookie Stephon Tuitt there isn't much depth along the Steelers' defensive line.

McCullers could be the swing player the Steelers need to be able to spell players at any position and in specific situations. The past few seasons the Steelers have deployed a rotation to allow their defensive linemen to get fresh legs in the game, as well as utilize sub packages to their advantage.

McCullers has a great deal of upside with his size and strength, and that could be something the Steelers could utilize along their defensive line this season.

Why it won't happen: There are several reasons why this scenario won't happen. The most likely reason would be the fact that the Steelers still might re-sign veteran Brett Keisel which would hinder the teams' need to keep McCullers on the active roster since Keisel would bring experienced depth to a team that would fill their quality depth vacancy.

Along with the possible addition of Keisel, McCullers is very rough in terms of technique and the odds of him making the 53 man roster will be based upon an extremely strong and eye-opening training camp. McCullers will have to fight his way into that depth role, and that isn't a guarantee.

McCullers has the clear cut look of a practice squad player that will have a season to learn the ropes, work on technique and be a better player in his second season.

Keys: McCullers ability to play multiple positions and play them all at an adequate level will ultimately decide his rookie season role within the Steelers' organization. His lack of technique will have to be offset by an ability to use his size to his advantage and force the coaching staff to put the big oak tree on the field to make plays in the trenches in the 2014 season. McCullers truly controls his own fate in terms of how he if he is utilized as a rookie or not.