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Saints vs. Seahawks NFC Divisional round open thread

A ruckus of sorts broke out on the field two hours before kickoff, so we figured now's a good time to launch the open thread...and re-hash Bruce Irvin Fighting Delivery Drivers From Jimmy Johns stories.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A ruckus broke out on CenturyLink Field leading into the Saints at Seahawks NFC Divisional round game Saturday.

When asked by wrestling captain Andrew to describe the ruckus, Principal Vernon didn't have an answer.

Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin and Saints tight end Jimmy Graham were jawing at each other in pregame warmups, with reports of who started what depending heavily on which team one is rooting for.

Gotta love playoff football.

The Seahawks and Saints will kick off at 4:25 p.m. ET Saturday. The Seahawks kicked the tar out of the Saints the last time they played, just a few short weeks ago.

Will the NFC's brash and out-spoken top seed be able to do the same thing again?

I say yes, and will take the Seahawks -8 over New Orleans.

We're doing the combined picks and open threads because...I dunno, no real reason. Why not?

Stick around after the game, we'll have a write-up on this one as well as an open thread and pick against the spread for the primetime Colts vs. Patriots game.