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Lions hire Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell as head coach

The Ravens look to bring in their third offensive coordinator in their last 22 games, this time, to replace Jim Caldwell who was hired by the Detroit Lions.

Rob Carr

The Lions might have done the Baltimore Ravens a favor in hiring offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell for their vacant head coach position.

The explosive output Caldwell generated in Baltimore's march to a Super Bowl championship after the 2012 season was replaced with dismal lows, producing some of the worst offensive statistics of the John Harbaugh Era. How much of that was the fault of Caldwell, as opposed to multiple personnel decisions as well as key injuries remains to be seen. But the fact is their offense had stagnated to among the worst all-around in the league.

Something needed to give.

The last time the offense wasn't moving well in Baltimore, they fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Now, 22 games after that decision was made, Baltimore will look to hire another offensive coordinator.

Baltimore Beatdown editor Jason Butt came up with a list of potential candidates - some of whom appear to have been the result of a raiding of the former and current staff of the Cleveland Browns. Former head coach Rob Chudzinski and current offensive coordinator (although the team does not have a head coach currently) Norv Turner are two of his suggestions.

Many throw Turner into the fold any time an offensive coordinator position is being discussed. He does appear to be a solid candidate in this case, considering his track record in a city other than Cleveland, as well as the fact he's essentially a free agent - as soon as the Browns hire a head coach, he may very well be out of a job.

He also mentions Ben McAdoo, the Packers quarterbacks coach, who's currently working under Pittsburgh native Tom Clements in Green Bay. McAdoo was just hired as the Giants' new offensive coordinator, so...he's out.

Is it an All-Former-Browns option list in Baltimore?