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AFC North News: Coaching staff of the Cleveland Browns picked clean

The corpse of the Browns is just about down to the bones, as they're left without a head coach and both coordinators have taken jobs elsewhere. They are reportedly waiting on Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, and have interviewed former Titans coach Mike Munchak.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

With no head coach, no quarterback, and soon no defensive coordinator, the Cleveland Browns seem intent on remaining the joke of the league.

Reported today on, Ray Horton is only a few pen strokes away from jumping that sinking ship dubbed "The Mistake By The Lake" by some, to go work for his old friend Ken Whisenhunt, reprising his current role as DC, but in Tennessee.

Of course, the league offices aren't open until Tuesday, so technically Horton will still be under contract with the Browns until then, but it seems all that the Browns and Horton have left to do is figure out how the offset value is going to be distributed.

Horton was the defensive backs coach in Pittsburgh and left with Whisenhunt to become his DC in Arizona. When Whisenhunt was fired from the Cardinals, Horton went to be the defensive coordinator for the Browns, leading them to the 9th overall defense in the NFL.

Now that "The Whiz" has another head coaching job, it seems logical that he wants to get the band back together. It also appears to be working so far.

Why does this matter? Because anything that pushes Browns fans closer to the edge is alright by me.

Cleveland's offensive coordinator Norv Turner has also turned tail away from Jimmy Haslam and ran to the waiting arms of the Minnesota Vikings, where he, like Horton, will remain in the same capacity he occupied with the Browns.

This just keeps getting better and better.