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Patriots at Broncos AFC Championship game open thread

The last time the Broncos played an AFC Championship game on a clear, sunny day, they lost. It's hard to pick them today, but...

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It seems like no matter who wins this game, the Steelers somehow lose.

Or maybe it's just the fact the Steelers aren't in this game. Oh well, maybe next year. As it is, there's gambling to do here.

Betting against Peyton Manning in the playoffs used to be as simple as looking at the weather. Cold? Take the other guy. Normal or inside? Peyton's your guy.

It looks plenty nice outside in Denver right now, so...we're taking the Broncos.

BRONCOS (-4) over Patriots

Championship weekend is underway, so sit back with a cold one (or hot, depending on your preference) and enjoy the misery with the rest of us Steelers fans.