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49ers vs. Seahawks NFC Championship open thread

The NFC West's best rivalry will square off in a final chapter to decide who's facing Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Alex Trautwig

Denver's offense looked tough in defeating New England in the AFC Championship game Sunday. Which of these outstanding defensive teams will advance to take them on in Super Bowl XLVIII?

Seattle and San Francisco is the "young" rivalry in comparison to all things Brady and Manning. Whether Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick will ever achieve what those two have remains to be seen.

Defensive football is the legacy of both of these teams. And judging by how they match up, this could be one of the most outstanding defensive games this season.

Seattle tends to get the best of San Francisco when at home, but the 49ers are the experienced team; this is their third straight conference championship game, having won it last year.

It doesn't get tougher than winning in Seattle though, a place where Wilson has lost just once in the last two seasons.

As much as I hate to do this...I'm going with the Seahawks at home.

SEAHAWKS (-3) over 49ers

Seahawks vs. 49ers for the NFC throughout the game here, and stick around for the postgame write-up.