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Charlie Batch sends suggestive tweet regarding recent exportation of offensive assistant coaches

Perhaps the Other Emperor Chaz knows what's going on inside the Steelers' offensive coaching quagmire.

Jason Miller

Subtlety in the form of a sledgehammer is always fun to read.

Today's version of it comes via former Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch.

Not that Chaz is suggesting's technically four now, Wilson, wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery, and two offensive line coaches Sean Kugler and Jack Bicknell.

Let's just go out on a limb and assume Batch is referring to some kind of issue with offensive coordinator Todd Haley. What is it? Rumors of issues with Haley and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, issues with other offensive coaches...maybe it's an attitude thing. Or maybe it's those phases in which Haley doesn't shave.

Add in his off-the-field issues, up to and including lawsuits for alleged lack of paying bills and bitterness signed in autograph form regarding his former employer.

It's hard not to believe Batch, either. Those are some pretty powerful capital letters and he was there to witness it. How much it ultimately matters is a different story. No one ever said successful people always work and play well with others. For as likable as Batch appears to be (all accounts indicate that's a true statement), he probably hacked someone off at some point.

Or maybe he hates Haley too.