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NFL Playoffs Against the Spread: Colts, Eagles look to move on

Teams win roughly 2/3 of the time at home in the playoffs. We're picking two home winners Saturday but for reasons other than Home Field Advantage.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers-less NFL Playoffs begin Saturday with the Chiefs at Colts, followed by the Saints at Eagles.

Without the likelihood of repeating last year's 10-1 against the spread performance, we're going to give the whole predictions thing a try again.

Colts (-2.5) over Chiefs

Kansas City didn't really look too interested in tipping its hand to a likely playoff foe three weeks ago, when the Colts topped the Chiefs 23-7. When invested early, the Chiefs looked like the dynamic, powerful running team they are when Jamaal Charles is getting frequent touches.

The Colts, for as mediocre a defensive team as it is, win close games. It's as simple as that - 15-2 in the Andrew Luck Era. The Chiefs aren't a strong close-game team, and in what could be one of the lowest scoring games that isn't featuring a -35 wind chill this weekend, the Colts will pull out another close win.

Eagles (-2.5) over Saints

Many don't like betting on Drew Brees on the road, and while that seems to be hit-or-miss, particularly against an Eagles defense that's been porous all season.

But with the way the league works nowadays, finding the "right" offensive-heavy team with only minor adjustments needed to shore up a defense to average levels seems more in line with finding a darkhorse Super Bowl contender. We're picking the Eagles in this game because their offense is built a bit better to play in the elements than New Orleans', and matching those up against defenses that are hit-and-miss, the Eagles have an advantage.