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NFC Wild Card open thread

After a wild finish in Indianapolis, the primetime stage is set for New Orleans at Philadelphia.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Starting off 0-1 against the spread is bad enough, but picking the winner of the game while losing overall makes it that much worse.

An incredible if not horrible finish by the Indianapolis Colts gave the Kansas City Chiefs their seventh consecutive playoff loss. That sets up the prime time battle between the Eagles and the Saints.

Former Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis will look to help New Orleans slow down the high-tempo Eagles offense on a cold night in Philadelphia. Us here in the upper midwest are begging for temperatures in the positive teens, as we'll be seeing the negative side of those teens for the next few days.

It looks downright balmy in Philadelphia right now, so we're warmed up inside, hanging on BTSC, ready to answer questions, tell bad jokes and enjoy the evening, so join in on the festivities.

Kickoff us just about underway, and we welcome all fans, Colts celebrating or Chiefs lamenting what might have been.

Hey, at least the officials didn't take away a takeaway this week.