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49ers vs. Packers wild card open thread

Discuss the NFC wild card game in real time here on Behind The Steel Curtain.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

We were treated to a Bengals meltdown in the first game, providing months of fodder regarding the future of that franchise. But now, switching over to the NFC, the 49ers and Packers, two of the more successful teams in the NFL over the last few years, are set to do battle in the frozen water that's saturated the air and field in Green Bay, Wis.

How either team will adjust its respective game plans based on the weather will be an interesting sidebar of this contest. How Green Bay's defense will take on San Francisco's running game should be the main storyline, but since I fell to 0-3 against the spread, I'm just going to not tell you what I think will happen, and instead, suggest channeling the opposite of whatever I say, and betting money on that.

Feel free to continue discussion following the Bungles meltdown here, and avoid the temptation to point out how much flak we got for referring to them as the Bungles before Pittsburgh's Week 15 rout of the same team.