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Mike Munchak to talk to Penn State, otherwise open for offensive line coach jobs

If the former Titans head coach doesn't end up as Penn State's next head coach, the Steelers would be wise to give him a call regarding their open offensive line coach position.

Thomas B. Shea

Penn State alumnus and Houston/Tennessee Oilers/Titans legend Mike Munchak is in the rare position of looking for a new job.

He's been a part of the Tennessee TItans (formerly the Houston Oilers) franchise as a player and coach for over 30 years. He was recently fired as the team's head coach, reportedly because he did not want to make certain staff changes requested by the team's CEO Tommy Smith.

If things between Munchak and Penn State do not work out, wrote ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Munchak would entertain offensive line coach job opportunities.

Hello, Coach Munchak.

In the event the position with his alma mater did not work out (something that seems unlikely, considering he basically knew his refusal to make coaching changes with the Titans would lead to his dismissal, strongly suggesting he knew Penn State would be a fallback option), the Steelers would be wise to jump all over his availability.

The Titans have, over the last decade, had one of the best coached and most productive offensive lines in the game. While as an organization they haven't achieved a high level of success overall in his tenure, they weren't a terrible organization either. They've always had offensive linemen playing at a high level.

Plus, his experience and knowledge of the game help make him, as Mortensen wrote, one of the best position coaches in the NFL.  There wouldn't seem to be a shortage of motivation to bring Munchak in for a cup of coffee while he's leaving the state of Pennsylvania.

Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien left the school to accept the head coaching job with the Houston Texans, and Munchak and Vanderbilt's James Franklin are reportedly main targets of the school, and both allegedly have or will interview with the team in the very near future.

The Steelers are also reportedly interested in speaking with Carolina Panthers assistant offensive line coach Ray Brown. The Panthers will host the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Divisional playoffs next weekend.