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A yearly reminder former Steelers coach Bill Cowher won't return to the sideline

It's the time of the year when former Steelers coach Bill Cowher announces he's not interested in returning to the sideline, leaving his cushy studio gig.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It depends on your level of interest in money, but if you were offered $1.5 million to sit in a warm, cushy TV studio, doing a standard 40ish hour work week, or $7 million to work 100 hours a week, live in a state of horrendous stress and deal with the rigors that go with keeping in line the egos of multi-millionaire athletes, which would you choose?

Considering former Steelers coach Bill Cowher has a Super Bowl ring, outstanding ratings on CBS's pregame show and a national following, not to mention a decade and a half of the high-salary job behind him, it seems like he'd just stick with the lower (but still outstanding) paying job.

That's what Cowher is doing, reportedly, which really shouldn't be considered a surprise anymore. While teams will still put the feelers out there for Cowher, just to get a yearly gauge of his interest to see if it makes sense (coaches with Cowher's resume do not just grow on trees), it seems like he makes way too much to do way too little in comparison to the grind of being an NFL head coach.

There might be some validity to the idea he's waiting for an opportunity to become something like Bill Parcells was in Miami - basically the czar of all things football-related that doesn't include standing on the sideline in Green Bay in January, while having exclusive rights to choose the poor sap who would freeze his keester off at Lambeau.

As it is, Cowher will continue on with CBS for the foreseeable future.

The 2015 update will be sent out at approximately this time next year, when this all starts again.